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Dear Reader,

The thoughts and details of the soon to be released “Leah; A Glimpse Of An Angel” came about not so much as my desire for a feature length book, but was born out of the necessity of an actual journey of love and grief.

“Leah” chronicles the events of the summer of 2008 when my late wife Leah Cecile fought against the ravages of cancer. Our hope and faith remained steadfast throughout the whole ordeal and She in great courage never gave up even as the last hours of life slipped away. Her story of faith grew by word of mouth and her witnessing to others of the power and mercies of God grew bolder and more profound each day. Her story / our story which is soon to be released brings with it the hope that is found in love eternal, the hope that comes from the love of God.

May all who delve into these pages find that same hope that she lived. May you find a new meaning in your relationship and see the power of God and love in your life as well. My desire is that even if you are not at present walking this lonesome road that you will by reading these pages come into a better understanding of its journey.

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