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Few here at work realize the depths of my despair in my concern for my wife. I hide my emotions well in the company of others, but what I feel comes out in my words that I pen. I only wish that all could see through my façade yet I camouflage my hurt very well. Nonetheless the hurt; pain and worry are still ever present in my life. I care not much for what becomes of me for I am just a man, but my wife has a special gift for making people smile and that is rare these days…she needs to remain and I go.

An Ever Changing Sea

10,000 years upon an ever changing sea.
Years a washed of hopes and dreams.
Abraham to Caesar…
and million more after and in between.

All came this way and bled their days under the sun.
Some walked with God; others perished by the evil one.
See not the rivers as they carry softly the sound of dreams present and past.
Ebbing on gentle flow; silent reminders that we and our dreams shall not last.

So kiss hope that sleeps sweetly on a new born breath.
Stroke its tender virgin hair and see your dreams.
Your dreams and the dreams of those who have come
and gone on an ever changing sea of 10,000 years past.

J. Allen Wilson © 8/1/08

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