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Arbors View

This poem is dedicated to you Leah. What joy those garden arbors did bring. The smiles, the laughter, the summer nights embrace beneath the arbors our dreams. For I know how much fun we have had beneath our own arbors in the nights of summer. We shall do this again…never give up hope. I love you baby.


Arbors view through slice of stone.
Vines clinging; bloom both joy and hope.
Hearts repent of the days done gone.
Life, oh life embraces on tattered rope.
Gardens now full green on arbors rolling lawn.
Small birds perch in the cover of leaves.
Waiting, oh waiting are they for the promised dawn.
Arbors now lean through windows side view.
Weathered and worn by the rages of time.
Peeling is the paint from splintered wood.
It Reveals layer after layer like precious memories of the mind.
What is the day that it should share its opulent dream?
This day through arbors view built with laughter on angel wings.
I remember…I remember, yet now though slice of stone…I surrender.
J. Allen Wilson © 7/21/08

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