Our Box Of Love On An Open Sea

There are pictures; driftwood; seashells and odd little things.
They are memories captured from a special time in our dreams.
Leah, oh sweet Leah, Our love will drift forever upon the open sea.
Our love will never die; you will always be a part of me.

Some call me crazy; some just call me a sentimental old fool.
But my love; oh my sweet love…we shall always be despite what man may say.
For our memories are intertwined in spirit; our love…I PROMISE will never fade away.
J. Allen Wilson 9/11/08

We dreamed it would never end.
Our love; our life whispered in the sand.
Tybee Island; our place by the calm sea.
Tybee Island Forever with Leah and Me.

* Footnote; The ceremony was performed 11/26/2008 ten miles off the Georgia coast. “The Box Of Memories” was released on tears and pray and the video link will be available soon.

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