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My Words to you...
I returned to work today for the first time in eight weeks. There was no one to kiss goodbye, no one to call when I got my break and alas…only silence when I returned home, no one to tell about my day. Therefore if you have someone to kiss; someone to call and just say hi…do it now and do it often for you never know when it will be the last time.

The Empty Vessel

I left for work today at my usual time; I longed to once again kiss you goodbye.
I starred blankly at the empty doorway and saw you standing there in my mind.
I blew you our trademark kiss; I dropped my head and began to cry.

So empty do I feel now that the shock of your leaving has slowly eroded away.
I seek solace; I seek peace of mind, but what I truly want is to have you back in my day.
Intellectually I know that this will never be.
So sweet Jesus in heaven; help me now in this grief.

I guess some now think of me as being close to the edge of being mad.
I knew that supper would not be waiting tonight as on most days you always had.
So I stopped at one of our favorite places and made sure to wipe down your seat.
I even asked the blessing the way we always do; blew you a kiss and said lets eat.

What am I doing I thought…..I know that you are no longer here.
Is this normal? or is there something deeper within my fear.
I just miss you so much; I just long for your touch.
Sleep sweet my angel and know that I shall see you soon.

Love You Leah…always
J. Allen Wilson © 9/15/08

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