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Eyes That See...


I write now only to stave off the madness which pursues my very soul.
Repetitive lines score the heart; bleeding the issue unto sorrow untold.
Some days flow like water and I am good for an hour or maybe two.
But then oh then I will taste the wind and realize the emptiness without you.

Just the other day a young lady at the store came on to me so sweet and kind.
She laughed and made small talk; she spoke of a million things on her mind.
She would flirt a little and then giggle; I smiled but inside I felt my heart sigh.
For I could not feel; and her presence was to me lost when I did not see you in her eyes.

How odd of me she must have thought as she paid her bill for the groceries she bought.
Twenty three years ago I would have known her number and her name.
But now…oh now I see only your eyes and nothing in this life is the same.

Mind you I was not rude; it was just her eyes Leah that told me this is not you.
I feel cheated; I feel as my world of blissful joy has forever gone away.
And now this young woman because she had not your eyes would I give the time of day.

Three weeks three days, not long, but it seems like a lifetime since you went away.
Shall this heart ever heal from the searing and gaping wound?
Shall it Leah ever hold a place for anyone other than you?

I think not, for I remember how in sweet Godly love you would always look at me.
For I see your eyes in my heart; I see them in flowers; I see them in my dreams.
You know that I still talk to you; do you know that in imitation I answer me back?
It is no wonder now that I write these lines with a heart that seems so black.

How can I help others now; for no longer is it that others confide in me.
For now I cannot even help myself for in my soul it’s only your eyes I see.
How Leah…oh How?

J. Allen Wilson © 10/3/08

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