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This is for you Leah as I know the struggles that you are facing. However it is like I told you before, you have the faith of Job, and I know that He the Lord God will see you through. Just know that my love for you is as I have always said…Forever. I love you my sweet baby…I love you.

His Love...

Has not HIS eye always watched over thee?
Has not HIS heart forever felt your every need?
What mountain is it I say that shall rise and blot thy sun?
What river or desert is it that has now upon you come?

I know your eyes grow weak and your voice trembles as you speak.
I see your spirit is weary and I know you weep all alone in your bed.
Yet I know that you know in truth that He will always be there no matter the gloom.
You know this because is written that He will never leave of forsake you.

So I this mere mortal man; this small, weak and helpless soul.
I say unto you…Has not HIS eye always watched over you?
Has not HE always kept you and put a new song in you heart?
HE has, and I am here to tell you…HIS love for you will never part.

J. Allen Wilson © 7/31/2008

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