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Leah, you are constantly on my mind. I write these poems during my breaks at work. You know, ten minutes here and ten minutes there, but thou these words are only brief in nature; you must know that you cling to my every thought. I love you more than life itself and if I could I would take that cancer on my own body so that you may forever be free. You are my life and every breath I take because…

I Love The Way….

I love the way the morning light catches so sweetly in your eyes.
I love the nights with you; I love the quietness of our moonlit rides.
I love walking with you on the beach in the softness of a summer rain.
I love everything about you; the eternal love of these my earthly days.

A thousand years may come and a thousand lifetimes may pass away.
Yet my love for you my sweet Leah, it shall forever and ever stay.
I before you walked in solitarily darkness adrift on an endless sea.
Yet when you came into my world all those years ago, your love set me free.

I love you and I always and forever will.
I love you, oh how I love you this day…
this forever and this always never until.

J. Allen Wilson © 7/27/08

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