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I Kiss You Every Night

I sit in this, the now silent home and love you.
I play Amazing Grace and feel you by my side.
I look at your picture and I think of our eternal love.
Some say you are gone, but that is because they are blind

I know different, for I see you in everything that is beautiful.
I hear you when the birds of the morning gather and so softly sing.
I kiss you every night and I feel the joy that our love does bring.

I thought upon our days; I thought about our life and found no regrets.
For we loved each other with a love that God says we should all beget.
We together climbed mountains; we traversed of multitude of seas.
And each night before I go to bed…I still kiss you and you kiss me.

So know that my thoughts remain with you my love each and every day.
Know that in my heart; know that in my very soul that you will always stay.
Did you know that I have the very last phone call that you ever made to me?
I play it every night; I look into your eyes and kiss you before I go to sleep.

I will never forget you; I will never break that final promise that I made.
I will someday exit this life; this chartreuse world in which I now stay.
I will give back to you everything and more that to me in your love gave.
Yet for now, yet even unto this day; I will kiss you every night and listen to

the last phone call to me that you ever made…Good night sweet love…good night.

J. Allen Wilson © 9/22/08

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