My Leah Has Passed On Into Glory

Four months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer my precious Leah has gone on to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. As many of you know I took a leave from work to attend her needs and try to bring her joy…I wanted to be a blessing to her, but as usual she was the one who blessed me. On Sunday morning at 7am she started having trouble breathing. I did not want her to pass without a chance for her family to say goodbye so I took her to the hospital where they kept her comfortable until I could assemble the whole family.

Each and every member of her family came; they kissed her and wished her a happy birthday…Sunday was her birthday. As the end came closer I saw the glory of God come across her face. She was seeing things that we could not see. As her respiration fell to four breaths per minute, the vile cancer that had filled her lungs began to expel itself. I told everyone to leave the room at once since I did not want them to remember her last breath being anything less than the dignified woman of God that she was….I raised her head in my arms and held her close and reminded her once more of my promise to her…I had made her promise to me that when she sat down at the table to sup with Jesus tonight that she would save me a seat….and I promised her that I would be there….she passed into glory at 8:10pm with her in my arms…

Ironically she was born of the flesh on her first birthday and born of the spirit on her last. She is now in the loving arms of Jesus; free from the bonds of this vessel of clay; free to celebrate life eternal with Christ Jesus her savior and lord.

I miss her so much…and I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support…I love you all, and Leah LOVES you too….God Bless

Allen & Leah


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