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I weep over a small kitten. I get teary eyed at some movies. My wife used to laugh when this took place and would say that this was one of the many reasons she loved me so. My heart is too tender. Yes too tender to handle the passing of a kitten. Too tender to even see strangers hurting or in pain…yet now I see the love of my life struggling more and more each day. I don’t know how much more I can smile of this smiling façade today.

Smiling Facades

I smile and pretend that I see not.
Teeth flash on an ever broadening grin.
Yet my eyes; my eyes reveal the truth
As they weep over and over again.

Facades are built upon shifting sand.
I’m fine...OK, good to see you again.
Yet there is a tear deep within my heart.
A gaping; open wound in which my soul secretly departs.

Look up; oh look up the multitudes say to me.
Bring on those smiles unto your own jubilee.
I try, but now…oh now I can’t see why.
I feel so dead; so broken and empty inside.

I know too much of a world hurting and in need.
I have seen empty victories crash to the floor.
Help me oh Lord…help me in this truly see.

J. Allen Wilson 7/31/08

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