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The last two nights have been emotional at best. Leah, oh bless her heart can’t seem to find peace to rest. So I held her hand throughout our anniversary day. I wept so inwardly remembering our other days. Thanks to all who sent anniversary wishes and prayer. Your love is so true .

Under Crimsons Stain

I held your hand tenderly throughout the night.
I watched you ever so closely till morning’s yielding light.
I prayed soft prayers over you that angels may sing.
I put my trust for you in the hands of our heavenly King.

His eyes falter not nor do they slumber in sleep.
He will always hold you to His heart your soul to keep.
I am but flesh and blood and I reel from your pain.
Yet He the Lord God keeps you safe under crimsons stain.

J. Allen Wilson © 8/25/08

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